Content Mastery Program

A Program Description for Content Mastery should include guidelines and procedures.

GUIDELINES: -- we will create a flow chart for appropriate use of the Content Mastery Classroom


· WHEN students are allowed to be recommended to attend Content Mastery

· WHEN students are REQUIRED to attend Content Mastery

· HOW OFTEN students will attend Content Mastery

· WHAT specific objective(s) the student needs acceleration in – the classroom teacher MUST be held accountable for this information (data from benchmarks, TPRI, TAKS, AYP, 3 TIERS)

· PROGRESS report from matrix is sent back to classroom – Content Mastery facilitator MUST be held accountable for this information (data from observation, testing, software report, etc.)

· JOB DESCRIPTIONS & STAFFING GUIDELINES:  Aide's and Facilitator's job descriptions, staff patterns, schedudules

· STRATEGIES & SERVICES PROVIDED: Description of strategies, materials, services provided and evaluation process for measuring effectiveness of each of the above.


PROCEDURES: Documentation must be easy to handle and easy for students to understand. –


· ORGANIZATION PROCEDURES: colored folders for each core subject area,

i. Cindy you may need to have one color folder for gradelevel reading but put stickers on the outside to match AR colors or something to indicate activity level (reading level – center activity)

· Objective Matrix for each 6 weeks per subject area or individualized educational goals

· Folders kept in classroom and accompanies student to Content Mastery identifying “Center” at which student will work AND Objective on which student will work. No student will be accepted without teacher’s prescription for that student on their matrix in the folder

· SERVICE PROCEDURE: Content Mastery Facilitator organizes room in Centers – with Objective-based activities at each center – color coded and Objective Coded for easy student recognition

· ACCOUNTABILTIY PROCEDURE: Content Mastery Facilitator records progress in colored folder before student returns to classroom. (objectives worked on, time on task, objectives mastered, and / or objectives still in need of work) This information returns to the classroom where the teacher is now accountable for giving the student either Progressive (next objective) Work OR Acceleration (Remediation) assignments. The student needs to be working in the classroom on the appropriate work – SEAMLESSLY progressing – NOT waiting until he/she sees the Content Mastery Facilitator AGAIN! The “tie” between the classroom and the content mastery room needs to be absolutely SEAMLESS – reinforcing the activities necessary to move the student forward.

· EXIT PROCEDURE – this needs to be defined and documented

· PARENT NOTIFICATION PROCEDURE: Parents need to be notified during each movement through the flowchart.